Vincenzo PandolfiIf I could play the guitar
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Friday, August 17, 2007 1:19:30 PM
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Wednesday, November 03, 2010 11:44:14 AM
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Internal Affairs
Pureheart ( by: Catherine Ivy)
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Music & lyrics by Vincenzo Pandolfi © 2007

If I could play the guitar
I would busk in all the cities of the world
I could be amongst the people who walk by
Little piece in the puzzle of their lives

(And) if I could play the guitar
I could sing to all the people of the world
Some may drop just a few coins in my case
Some may simply turn around and give me a smile

But if I could
Just make them feel
What is inside me
What lies beneath my words
We could really make a change
If we learned to give not take

(And) If I could play the guitar
I would busk in all the cities of the world
I would sing that what has meaning in our lives
Can't be bought, sold or rented out


And we could learn
That in the end
There is no meaning
Living an empty life
We should sit around the fire
We should teach our children stories

If I could play the guitar
I would busk in all the cities of the world
You could stop and be in the puzzle of my life
You could listen and be happy for a while
Song Comments

Pureheart ( by: Catherine Ivy)
Lovely and so soothing melodie..........

Rivergods Radio
If allowed only one lesson to teach children it would be the wisdom in this song.

Internal Affairs
Vincenzo gives us a real look into his Internal Affair here in "If I Could Play The Guitar" ... Just Beautiful ...

Gyroscope Rock
wow another beautiful song!!

I closed my eyes here and dreamed that I was sat on a hilltop covered from top to bottom and all around in the most beautiful display of wild flowers .. yellow, red, orange, white and blue .. some short, some tall .. swaying gently in the warm summer breeze. The sun was a glowing golden orb high in a cloudless clear blue sky. I could see for miles and miles. In the distance a small group of children had gathered. Some were running and playing in carefree abandon, their voices full of joy, laughter and happiness. Some others were holding hands standing close by a figure of a man sat on a ledge playing a guitar. There were no sights or sounds of hunger, fear, pain or war. The beauty of the world bathed in music, song and stories shines brilliantly like gold through the eyes, ears and hearts of children I thought to myself. The melody and the song drifted softly through the air reaching where I was seated on the hill. I recognized the man from when he had visited my page recently and had left kind words - Vincenzo Pandolfi - a warm, friendly, traveled and gentle man and a most gifted musician. I quickly recognized the song he was singing and playing, "If I Could Play The Guitar". I had heard nothing quite so beautiful and comforting in a long time. The words and lyrics were simple and yet profound, eloquent and full of hope. The music sounded like it was coming from an orchestra of angels in heaven. Vincenzo stood up slowly, appearing to be talking to the children as he put his guitar back into its case, carefully collecting a few other belongings. He began to walk away, turning around once and smiling as he waved goodbye. The song continued to play in my mind as he disappeared out of sight. Thank you Vincenzo, I said to myself, for this beautiful song. May our paths cross one day I whispered hopefully.

The Monkey68 Random Station
Simply beautiful.

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