EagleheadSha-ma-la-ma Shake-out (feat. Aven and Martinez)
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic HyperLink


A prime slice of 50's rock 'n' roll

Many thanks to Dick Aven (Baritone Sax) & Alberto Martinez (Rock Rap) without whom none of this would have been possible......

Johnny-Come-Lately at the candy store
Thinking ‘bout the neighborhood cat
Well he’d jumped her bones but it wasn’t like that
Now he needs to get away from those blues
He needs a

Sha-ma-la-ma shake-out
Sha-ma-la-ma shake-out
Sha-ma-la-ma shake-out

Little Miss Trudy was a five-way street
She was always hanging out with the boys
She thought the neighborhood cat was jus’ one of her toys
There was nothing there that she would refuse
She did the


Sweet Ronnie Ray he had a face like a snake
He put it out just like a meat machine
He knew an awful lot of secrets but he never came clean
He played the game for keeps and he’d never lose
He did the

Sha-ma-la-ma la-ma-la-ma-doo-wah
Sha-ma-la-ma la-ma-la-ma-doo-wah
Sha-ma-la-ma la-ma-la-ma-doo-wah
Sha-ma-la-ma shake-out baby
Song Comments

Sancocho Music
Shamalama shakeout rocks!!

Yetis are happy but bigfoot.............
Shamalama shakeout rocks!! Eaglehead give a message to the surfers in this world .They must take care of the bigfoot table, ride the waves, do the hula hop and send christmas cards to mafia dealers. Yettis aprove the last thing.

The Talent Searcher
Shamalama shakeout rocks!!

The Talent Searcher 2
Shamalama shakeout rocks!!

Hispano Culture
Shamalama shakeout rocks!!

The Laughing Man
Shamalama shakeout rocks!!

Sound Drawings
Shamalama shakeout rocks!!

Alberto Martínez´s Coffee Shop
Shamalama shakeout rocks!! Here are the great Eagleheads bros with 2 very nice collaborations LOL

Canary Islands´s Musicians
Shamalama shakeout rocks!!

Surrealist Power
Shamalama shakeout rocks!!

Aural Levitation
Shamalama shakeout rocks!!

High Blood Pressure
Shamalama shakeout rocks!!

I´m looking to this station & clicking
Shamalama shakeout rocks!!

Sha bee bop Shu buey wop baa weeeeeee don't stop !

Ruling 11
Nobel Laureates Eaglehead, Aven, and Martinez treat you, the listener, to their doctoral thesis in collaborative linguistics.

Sonic Delights
a rockin' track, w funny lyrics in English and Spanish, by Eaglehead and Alberto Martinez, in English and Spanish, found on the talent searcher station, dick aven on sax, rockin' kudos, good to hear this again...

such an accomplished song, in every way, melody fun, production tasty, band rock'n, w a great sax, and the storytellin' fantastical and wild, w a great rap by Alberto m., Eaglehead rocks, hope they are well, wherever they may be, a holiday sensation, kudos...

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