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Tuesday, July 24, 2007 11:27:50 AM
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007 9:54:42 AM
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Don't believe the preacherman!

Dooa Doob, Boca Smole

What if the switch

flips, than you're done

what if nothing exists

you exit, then you're numb

what if you're dumb

foolishly thinking

the next time you come

you won't do so much drinking

what if the linking

is one time only

would you still be sinking

following holy


clergy people

bowing cowering

to sturdy steeples

made to bleed you

of all you are

would you still reach for Heaven

if it only held stars

would you rot in a bar

and wait to be high

if you knew from the start

there is only one try

would you just sit and cry

thinking that Jesus

died and stayed dead

would you still suck His penis

would you be a genius

believing in you

would death make you so squeemish

if that's just what we do

no continue

no more quarters

bone and sinew

reduced to short orders

what if our "re-use"

is the best fertilizer

locked up in coffins

with air sanitizer

what if the prize you're

thinking you're getting

is this one wild ride

a blur where you're sitting

what if you're betting

the next time around

you'll have much better bedding

when you lay on the ground

you'll no longer frown

move from your town

you'll change your whole setting

netting you mounds

of cash, your crown

will last, like pounds

of fat on the ass

of your mom, smashing down

you'll bask in the sound

of constant applause

you'll be a what

not a never was

what if because

you're just waiting to die

a life full of love

just passes you by x
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Doobs Tubes
Believe whatever you like

Out Tha Box Sound System

More Rats !!!! and yeah they're way TOO COOL !!!

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