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Tuesday, July 24, 2007 11:06:33 AM
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007 9:51:01 AM
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Get a life!

Boca Smole, Dooa Doob

I hate black people

I hate white people too

see, I'm biracial

I have every excuse

to abuse every use

this world can produce

and I do

yet I don't boo-hoo

constantly crying

blaming who's who

and always denying

I'm talking to you

anyone that thinks I should feel bad for them

the one whose stem is rotten

so their tree can't blossom

or all burnt, but that's "not their problem"

Bush involved them

they had "no choice"

"I'm only one voice,

I can't make a difference"

keep preaching your ignorance, and I bet you're right

let's talk of plight


and everything that's wrong with life

let's concentrate our energy

on making you

just like me

and him, we're three

pea's in a pod

let's believe in one God

and how angry he is

let's take all our gifts

and throw them away

complaining how cruel

and unfair the world plays

let's all stay inside

smoke crack and make babies

then say how the Government

pulled a gun out and "made me"

let's talk of maybes

and how slavery exists

let's all just say things

ignorant bliss

let's marinate on the past

and keep the cast hard

let's make lots of bad headlines

let's lower the bar

let's talk of scars

let's keep separated

let's keep it debated

so it's never negated

let's invade if you're weak

make friends if you're strong

let's change their beliefs

let's right all their wrongs

follow along, see this way we don't have to work on ourselves

as one people

humans, equals

think of the sequels

hasn't this steeple

been up long enough

times are tough for everybody

racism's alive

because of our thoughts, we

keep it in stride

we offer the offerings

coughing, on the same polluted air

that's what's not fair

not color of hair

skin or eyes

not judged on the judge

who lives in our skies

we all cry the same

as pawns in this game

are you just going to play

or will you take the reins

I'm just saying

everyone's so concerned

with preserving their history

the brother and sister thing

seems to be gone

but on a funny note, I'll solve your mystery

drum roll please

in the future...

Song Comments

Doobs Tubes
Get with the programme everyone!

The Scooter Project
I have every excuse..... to spread music like this!

Out Tha Box Sound System
This song speaks volumes about Hue-mans...I HAVE TO SPREAD THIS SONG!!!!

The Monkey68 One Song Station
Loved the attitude of the lyrics in here - very nicely done.

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