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Tuesday, July 24, 2007 10:51:18 AM
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007 9:50:29 AM
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Be who you want to be and don't rely on anyone or anything else

Dooa Doob, Boca Smole

"Life in a bottle
life in a bottle
I've got life in a bottle over here, who wants some"
hey there nice gullible sheep, what's wrong
bones not strong enough
dong not long enough
hairline gone too much
I've got whatever you need
please, form a line to the left
I take cards, checks
shit, if you're out of cash
I'll snatch your last breath
I'm the medicine man
a canner can can
anything that he can
but a canner can't can cancer
can he
sure, I can't either
but the high from the ether
I spit when I see your
wallet has an insurance card
retards the fact I'm no PHD
"you can't, you can't see me"
dick not hard
are you over/under weight
too tall or short
do you get headaches
does your plate hold dessert
does your hair make a shirt
do crowds stress your nerves
do words backwards look
you can't cook?
oh, I've got a book full of pills for you
one's designed
to chill your mood
your son in school, "yeah, he fiddles around way more than the rest of the 7-year-olds
truth be told
he needs Ritalin
he has A.D.D.
God Damn it
he won't pay attention to me"
we feed drugs to ourselves
Walgreen's shelves
sell you dreams
schemes on how to get healthy, while still being lazy
it's amazing
chasing a faster you from a chair
"put electrodes where"
we elect those fares
not knowing the cost
yet regret is spared
until someone is lost
it drops our jaws
when pause isn't pressed
stressing to get the next miracle out on the market
I saw a miracle
it was about a year ago
some guy tried suicide
by sliding his jeep onto the train tracks
to make sure the impact
followed the map
he douses his jeep
in gas and gets strapped
along comes a train
that has gained full speed
and that shell of a man's
plan, begins to recede
he leaps from his car
and falls to his knees
he prays as he bleeds
yet the train, doesn't stop
hitting his car
as it spins like a top
derailing, it flops
like a fish out of water
jumping the tracks
on hold, switching callers
then smashing a car
alone, just stalled there
jack-knifing and hitting
another train full of scholars
mothers, daughters
fathers, on their way home from work
all caught in one big circle jerk
yet hurt, is the only reward
sure, a miracle was mentioned
I think the fact your God ended
only 8 lives
is a laugh in His face
a spit in His eyes
how many survived
how many still ride the rails daily
then arrive safely
to their homes and their babies
because maybe,
your God failed in His mission
the precision needed
to make that all happen
would take way too much math and
most of us, failed algebra
the miracle, is man
in all our glory
the whole bible story
is boring, and makes no sense
henceforth, it's yours
life is your gift
shifting and changing
rearranging a million times over
every day your death is closer
if your plan is to show your
God you are special
make something happen
create something beautiful
it's your personal duty to
take care of yourself
no wealth comes from spending money on irresponsibility
the ability to excel is within you
you just have to yell
I have been through
enough of this hell
then begin to
recast the spell
I promise it's simple
you just have to believe in yourself
but, if that's too much to ask
I've got this flask full of pills for "$153 a bottle, because it works" x
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Doobs Tubes
Hey, I've got life in a bottle over here! Who wants some?

Out Tha Box Sound System
I have one word: DAMN! This guys is superb! Here's another MUST listen!

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