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Monday, July 09, 2007 4:24:47 PM
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Friday, June 15, 2018 3:52:37 PM
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Psyche Folk
Hi Ho Steverino
Oxbow Free Radio
{ { Get in the Ring } }


a sweet ballad, mainly acoustic, featuring some of the richest deepest harmonies i've ever arranged

Song Comments

Psyche Folk
Really lovely, lilting acoustic song glistening with beautiful chord changes and yearning sunny melodies.A sweet love song from a riverside on a summers day..Its got an acoustic Big Star feel to me-which i mean as a great compliment:)

Oxbow Free Radio
Rich, original sound

I just discovered that Jillianne's Son Gavin (Great Central) uploaded all his songs in 2008. I could have picked any of them, they're all totally original and have a lovely warm, melodic quality. Many Stations selected them at the time. This one is mainly acoustic but the vocal harmonies are so moving, deep and resonant. The thing with Great Central songs is they are rarely 'one size fits all' He doesn't switch on a drum machine or a synth sample, he crafts his songs, manipulates the phrases, volumes and speeds, the passion that fills the artist comes through in the music. Sadly, like many young artists (in every field) when success doesn't happen, the heart sinks and they lose the will to continue. Gavin has since written 5 books, but writing, just like music is not something you can make a living from unless you have luck and good connections. Fortunately IMP is one of very few places where these songs can be played, every special and lovingly crafted one of them. Verity

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