the Last ActState of Mind
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Thursday, May 24, 2007 2:46:24 PM
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Thursday, May 24, 2007 2:48:13 PM
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Zombie Muse-ak


This song was done with the original members of "the Last Act" in 2001. This CD contains a compilation of 9 songs (including this one) from 10 years previous to recording this CD. The overall feel of this CD is a return to the mid 80's-classic metal.

Jeff Larsen, Paul Larsen, Shawn Speirs

Living with people who have no idea of being people themselves
Or is it my feelings for the beings that mistreated that makes me think of myself

State of mind
It's just a state of mind
State of mind
State of mind
It's just a state of mind
State of mind

Becoming a king or enriched music player is my imagined dream
Seeking for vengeance on those who relentless refuse to see what's real
Those who are weak and cannot see what is done before their eyes
Will run the race that for rats was made and no one will hear their cries


Wanting too much expecting it all from she who cannot give
Throwing her out, rejecting her call how can I expect her to live
Caught in a trance my thoughts in advance it was always her piece of mind
She was right in the end my thoughts never bendin', always runnin' against the time

Chorus x 2
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Zombie Muse-ak
Hell is a state of mind.

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