J GoodinGrin Like a Dog
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Monday, May 07, 2007 10:10:45 PM
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Thursday, May 24, 2007 9:08:37 PM


A constantly changing song, moving through several sections with a morphing style. The etherial guitar lends a supernatural element on the backward-looking narrator.

Written and Performed by Jonathan J Goodin

I've got sins on both coasts; symptoms of this town. I can never be as safe as when your hammer came aground. Did you make it past the hour, before your walls came down? What possesed you and your razor? Did you know how you'd be found? Shot down, roadtop cruiser. Macadam breakin' teeth from a bruiser, and if you get hit late, lose the vanity plate, scream like a monkey in a chemical-state. Your shut down, social loser, while Johnny Law ticketing a user. You never know an addict 'til he hits you in the wallet. You never know a pig 'til he fucks you just for walking. And I grin like a dog as I run through your city. Yeah, I grin like a dog and run through your city. And while her vanity shades on my barricades, I pretend I'm not bothered by that. But it's behind her cold eyes, and her tongue-tied lies that we bleed.

Pardon me sir, can you spare a dollar. I've never begged before, now I'm hungry enough to bother. I ain't got a dime. I gave it to my brother. I ain't got a chance. No, I used it for my mother. Small heat, it dirties all the faces. I can't recall any winners in the rat race. Hit a bottle, choke the throttle. Only once you spent enough to look good dying at all. In the city rain, the stains remain the same.

Did you make it past the hour, before your walls came down? What posessed you and your razor? Did you care how you'd be found? You were my favorite sinner. You'll always be my 'talk of the town'. Although the days of sinning will shuffle in the end. And though the piper's hard of hearing, he considers us his friends. x
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