Carrie WadeCuddling With Doom
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Monday, April 23, 2007 9:25:31 PM
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Tuesday, June 16, 2020 10:31:54 PM
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An adult lullabye

Produced by Peter Kearns, Marty Rifkin and Carrie Wade

I take a walk
I hide my heart
He tells a lie but it hurts him
She buys a dress and it helps for a day

Maybe you turn on the TV
Or pop colored pills
Or sleep until two
I understand ‘cause I’ve seen it
I’ve landed below bad
I’ve cuddled with doom

And you go to your room
You go to your room

MacArthur’s in park
Jim’s on a bridge for a year and a half
We wanna know
Why it seems others move through it so fast

Maybe a wind will surprise us
And whisper a secret
that changes our tune
I’ll make a call to the wind but
You gotta promise
You’ll settle with gloom

And get out of your room
Get out of your room
Don’t sleep ‘til you give up
Wake with a hiccup
Break the cocoon
Don’t miss it
The rise of the moon
A sweet day in June
It’s coming soon

But not to your room
Come on, get out of your room
Get out of your room
Song Comments

Inventive as it is viable, Wade’s music has attracted listeners hungry for songs where expectations are heightened rather than lowered, making “It’s Just Blood,” “Needles In The Waves,” “Cuddling With Doom,” and the title track popular staples of terrestrial and internet radio stations alike. At, five of her songs have entered the Top 10, with three reaching Number 1. Recently, a new song by Wade, “Broken Soldier,” has the distinction of not only enjoying its ninth week at Number 1 on IAC’s Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana chart, but also has been lodged at Number 39 on Neil Young’s "Living With War Today" page at Other recognitions include Los Angeles Music Awards’ Adult Alternative Female Singer-Songwriter of the Year for her song, “It’s Just Blood.” As the second song on The Old Ways, “It’s Just Blood” also has been featured in the Top 500 entries of Billboard’s World Songwriting Contest.

Roymunizzz Stand Up And Cheer station.

My first song love from Carrie!

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