Samuel L. JacksonStack-O-Lee (from Black Snake Moan)
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AOR Overflow
Who'd've guessed the man has talent??

Flying Fred´s Germany Indie Rock Show
Hot Blues Tune Sounds like Missippi Delta live...

Flying Fred´s Germany Indie Rock Show
Yeah Love that slidin slippin wet blues mf sound!!!

BOM Radio... The Blues Station
Doesn't get much better than this... Rock on Samuel L!!!

The Real Deal Deep Blues
Don't be so Dirty!

Texas Back Porch
WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, you know Samuel L. Jackson is with the M-F, M-F, M-F, but it's a pretty cool song.

REAL HARD Alternative
Muther Phuckin' Samuel Phuckin' Jackson ROCKS the BLUES in REAL HARD Alternative style, sez PHLEGM== PHUCK YEAH, do it baby! You truly are da' man & NOW an actor/musician!

Phlegm Phavourite Country Rhythm n BLues
Samuel Jackson is a cinema GOD & this often overlooked film has him playing a VERY convincing BLUES Musician who hasn't played out in a number of years. GO BLACK SNAKE MOAN & all it's great Artists & Actors and GO Samuel Jackson, who BECAME a musician for this FILM! And now may have many more musician roles!

Texas Willies One Night Stand
Oh Samuel!........Explicity with Diversity!

Red Licks-White Ass-Blues
Oh Samuel!........Explicity with Diversity!

Affinity ties
A good blues really sympathetic !

Says Who!!!!
Damn!!!! first the cat goes out and becomes one the finest actors of all time,then he runs out and scooped up the baddest band members in the land. This ain't fair but it's bad to the bone.

Creativity is King
This here song be the shit. C I K

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