Hop On PopAshes On the Water
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Layers of guitars, feedback, Moog, etc. With a bouncy beat!!!

Written by: Todd Leiter-Weintraub
Performed by: Hop On Pop

The guys think this is our oddest song, yet for some reason, it's the one that's been getting the most conventional airplay.
We even played it live on the air on the WGN Morning News. (Per the request of the show producer.)

I finished writing the lyrics the day before we went in to record it.
Song Comments

The Good Stuff
Seems to have attracted the most conventional airplay from commercial radio stations and such. Is that good or bad?

the indie rock station
hop on pop's page states that the band is just four friends having fun, and that's appearant when you play some of the many tracks on their page. this track is a perfect theme song to those super, wish-it'd-last-forever summer days. feedback placed perfectly just adss to the fun.

Judge And Jury
MR MORRIS - The song has a good hook that sticks. Great commercial potential. Tempo may be a tad quick for the tune to work properly. Vocalist sounds like he's in a bit of a scramble to get all those lyrics in. MR HARRIS - The vocalist has a contemporary vibe, but tends to be "pitchy" in spots. Intonation is a constant vigil. DOGBREATH- nothing a little pitch correction can't fix. I agree that the mix is hurting the song. The bass guitar is taking up too much of the frequency window and headroom with low end. The vocals need to be brightened up to stand out more. All the midrange instrumentation is cluttering up the mix. Panning and notching frequencies will fix most of that. DOUBLE LIVE DAN- I like it. Blues Traveler, Hootie and the Goo Goo Dolls Gin Blossoms vibe.

Cosmic Slop & Mutant Pop
Everyone knows Hop on Pop! I'm going to use this overused adjective because it's the only word I can come up with: Quirky!

Just some guys making music that's FUN to listen to.... I'm DOWN WIT DAT!!!!

Greatest Fantastical Original Hits
Hiaght Asbury never had it so good....great psychedelic style folk rock

Cool Stuff

Thank You
Another IAC hard worker.. tons of tunes and lots of fun.. Hop on 'Hop on Pop'

I dunno why its taken me so long to fall in love with this delightful charming,beautifully conceived track.Its really great-so fresh,distinct and naturally exhuberant! Its kinda indie psychedelia i guess mixing with huge swathes of swirling sunshine pop..The sudden sound cut from the distorted guitars into the neat piano riff puts Spaceboy into an uncontrollable cosmic twizzle that can go on for a full light year ass he grabs Spacegirl on the way out of the Galaxy..

All The Best
An exciting sound here, something different..very lively feel.

Todd got his hands dirty

The SOUND Cafe
A Happy Appetizer!

Phlegm Phavorites
Another welcome to PHLEGM PHAVORITES for this amazing, cool & diverse musician & his buds

Biggie's Big-Time Radio Revue
Super tight, and crispy clean. Great pop!

Terrific tune that has a 'monkee-esqe' 60's fun vibe to it but has a modern sound.

Via Chicago!
From VCer: PopTodd

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