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Sunday, March 11, 2007 5:06:44 AM
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 12:17:34 AM
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heads on backwards


Lyrics: Laurie Alberts
Guitars: D.M.Gremlin
Bass: Laurie Alberts
Drums: Charlie Waymire

Word and Music: Laurie Alberts

My Life, my Place

You're so secure in your
Precious comfort zone.
You don't even notice that
I'm dieing here alone.
Then you come in here and
Try to take away my song
'Cause it's not what you wanted to hear.
You don't know you've rejected me,
'Cause you just can't see....


This is my life
This is my place
This is my love thrown back in my face
I gave you my heart, but you can't reach me here.
You don't realize in love there's no fear.

You said you'd rather be happy than right.
You said you'd rather be on your knees.
But you still try to fix my life.
Don't you know you're the last
Person in the world who can save me.
And did you really think that
This would just go on and on and on without changing
On single thing
I bet you really wish that I am just as stupid
As you always thought I was. And...


Take a good look at my life
Take a good look at my face

(Chorus 2x)

Take a good look at my life
Take a good look at my face
Tell me what you think you know.

Tell me what you know.....tell me what you know!
I didn't think so! I didn't think so!
You don't know a damn thing!

Song Comments

heads on backwards
Tulla's headspace kinda got what we got, some head, except ours are on backwards, Tulla's headspace, well they make seriously edgy gritty muse. groove with the vibe the heads, the heads that are on backwards

Laurie Alberts! ...this is ...simply ...Wonderful! -M-

Laurie Alberts! ...this is ...simply ...Wonderful! -M-

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