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There is so much more to our everything

Lyrics by Michael Satrazemis & Song written Michael Satrazemis David Bergaurd, Carsten Lorenz

Feel Me...Know that I've got problems/I live in this same world with you
Love Me...I want to have the simple truth so hard to hold with all the struggles

Give Me,the piece left to my puzzle so that I may be a man once again
Kiss Me,Escape in my lips Fleeding moments this's how we get thru all the pain

She...Oh she's so beautiful..She...Youth to the old, no no no
She...Oh she's so beautiful..She...She can change the world, no no no

Touch Me.The warmth from my souls given to break this heart that grows so cold
Push Me, The future follows in all my dreams so lets dance tonight for a better day

Follow me please the Worlds on it's knees and we're all going down
I see a glimmer of hope a chance we can cope open up look around
Follow me please the Worlds on it's knees and we're all going down
I see a glimmer of hope a chance we can cope open up look around

Song Comments

The Talent Searcher
In the era of robots and machines and human beings destroying the enviroment ,is it true ?, PopiKok sing about the basic motive of being human , feeling . Call it love, beauty, feeling, or maybe you can call it "what really matters ".

Lars Lair
Trancendental electronica love mantra! Idol influenced with real brain-tease elements and dance floor capabilities.

Ellas Big and Bouncy
'Sex driven beats' says PopiKok... I am glad that this song lasts longer than the average bodily excercise, hahaha!

zing! flip! squash!--WATERPLANET radio
Sweeping, romantic vocals, sweeping romantic piano + drums. And electronic. Like its positivism.

Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing
Pretty Cool shit here by PopiKoK. Love the female vocals too! -M-

Human - Animal - Peace
Speaks to the soul...

AZs Random picks from all flavors.
Heavy, smooth groove... This is one to turn UP real loud and vibrate the house to its foundation! Play this one on some speakers that can handle some base...

The Good Stuff
I kinda hate adding songs when they're already at the top of the charts, but... this IS Good Stuff. Good hook, interesting soundscapes. Just... yeah. Dig it. Nice work, PopiKoK!

Mike Peace's All Indie Picks
Reached #1

midnight station
dig the vocals.. like the dual sound m/f.. nice

The little station that could.
I love this track it reminds me of classic NIN or Depeche Mode. Love the haunting beats and the band here is solid. Great programmer. The vocals give it a darker slant and adding a female voice gives ita little more sensuality.

This is a great track... I really dig the vocals on this.

-I do-and so does Black Sheep!

This may come as a bit of a surprise to some, but this old cowboy is taking off his spurs and turning up his surround speakers for a night of high speed vibratin' PopiKoKin' underground overhead kick the hinges off the effin cabin door empee 3 sound bytes. Yeehaw!!! Whoa there now cowboy!!! Yeah ... I've been hankering for a cool hot L.A. styled night scene for a while ... an' I'm gonna do it without the booze and the drugs too. But I'm sure as hell's not givin' up the sex!! Nosiree bub ... not any time soon!!! Besides, if I understand PopiKoK's bio correctly "Feel Me" is essential to ... well ... let's just say we won't go there here. Maybe I'm just a natural born optimist, but I think even at my age I still get the picture. Still, it was high time I got around to adding some ... how does PopiKoK say it ... oh yeah, "sex driven beats pounding change the beat of your heart" electronic hypnotizing heavy dance musique. An all this just goes to prove that you CAN teach an old cowboy new tricks. One of the things though, and there are many here in "Feel Me" that I like ...(that too) ... is that compared to a lot of electronified ear bending noise that some other bands are known to call music that I occasionally hear, or rather try not to hear, is that you can actually hear and understand the lyrics in "Feel Me". Now that sells me on a song and artist(s) just about as quick as the music. Oh, did I mention the vocals here? Cool cool cool way cool far out cool and soooo cool they're hot hot hot. And how about those wrap around female vocals ... hmm-mmmm, she gives "Feel Me" the perfect touch ... no pun intended. I like it!!! Congratulations PopiKoK on ending up in chart stratosphere territory. Kick the hinges off the speakers and ride baby ride!!

Surf's Up
So true

The Metro Underground
PopiKoK gold again!

Affinity ties
on the KIAC Big 50!

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