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Bat's Delight
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Radio Free Oxbow
2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Nominees
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Life's a bit dangerous. It's amazing we survive at all.

NOMINATED FOR A GOLDEN KAYAK - Classic and Progressive Rock genre

I shot an arrow into the sky
I know not where it will land
Far away or nearby
By my feet or in my eye

The road is narrow
Dangerous curves
I keep my hands on the wheel
I keep my nerve
And try not to swerve

But the sun's in the sky
and the wings on a fly flap
200 time a second
By the grace of God there go I
And the plum's in the pie
and the lid on my eye flaps
12 times a minute
By the grace of God there go I There go I There go I

Well my glass is half empty
Or is it half full?
Either way I enjoyed half a glass
And half remains still
As long as I don't spill x
Song Comments

A trippy life-journal declaration by effective experimental musicians who have the faith and talent to go forward in life and music courageously holding their 'glass of life' (tho it be half full) high in the air and trying not to spill it fool-heartedly. Creative Midi outro to boot.

a creative exploration, in prog rock mode... "she blinded me w science" in the blink of an eye...

Radio Free Oxbow
How did I ever miss this one? Brilliant.

2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Nominees
nominated for Best Classic and Progressive Rock Song

great acts
I remember Bat Lenny!

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