The Vic Genna Gemini PactOpiate Phenomenon
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Wednesday, January 31, 2007 8:50:25 PM
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Wednesday, January 31, 2007 8:53:37 PM
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Vic Genna

Opiate Phenomenon

She Cleans My Clock
She Clocks me clean
She’s a sure firewoman
A Lov’N Machine

She’s got wild cat eyes
That hypnotize
A blinding stare
That’ll cut you down to size

But she makes it easy
Makes my life easy
She’s a sure fire woman
Burns a 100 degrees

Makes it easy
Makes my life easy
I tell her bring it on
Bring it on
This Opiate Phenomenon

There I was
A mesmerized fool
Couldn’t believe my eyes
When I first saw you

A curved hot beauty
Made me come off my chair
I said “Bring it on”
Bring it on

Now she makes my life easy
Makes my life easy
She’s a sure fire woman
Brings me to my knees

She makes it easy
Makes my life easy
She’s a sure fire woman
Now my Opiate Phenomenon

I’ve waited so long
Waited so long
Waited so long

I gave her my love
Now she’s com’n on strong
There were people down there, Honey
Said we were wrong

You gave me your love
Now I’m com’n strong too
My hot blooded woman
My B-52

But you, made my life easy
You made it all right
Here I am _ So hypnotized
But you make it easy
Make it so easy
My sure fire woman
My Opiate Phenomenon

Song Comments

The Talent Searcher
The space invaders love song , the backtrack is quite a ride and it have a good vocal . Martians, leave my girl alone !!! Good guitar solo and a lot of overdrive.

The "Vic Genna Gemini Pact" Takes a new direction of the sounds and connects to a cool realm of the sounds here with "Opiate Phenomenon" !!! A very cool listen !!! Enjoy folks !!!

Adventurers, Jugglers, Minstrels
likin' the groove/ a good way...

Nice job, Vic... KEEP ROCKIN'......

Yetis are happy but bigfoot.............
This is a song about healthy life , macrobiotic food and windsuring .The title is a metaphor of the natural life of the Yettis and the library of Yogi , the hanna barbera cartoon.His friend BUBU is a star among the Bigfoots .Once a Yetti took opium and he transfomed himself in Shirley Temple.Yettis scientists still have no answer to this phenomenon .Mucho bonito indeed.

weird stuff
cool groove . this could easily be Zappa jammin with the doors , but it's not's Vic Genna Gemini Pact ...and you can take that to the bank !

The little station that could.
Let the good vibes and creativity flow. Love thast flangy cutting guitar. A great groovin' song. I could see this in a video with f15 tomkats. Maybe Top Gun 2 without that nut Mr. Cruise.

Alberto Martínez´s Coffee Shop
The Vic Genna Gemini Pact sound like themselves.

Affinity ties
A strong love song with surprising & interesting miscellanies of sounds.

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