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Saturday, January 27, 2007 6:16:37 PM
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Friday, January 01, 2010 9:43:40 PM
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Bent and Blue (and Sometimes Shattered)
Voices -Outside the Box Two
Off the main road


Stripped down acoustic blues. Sometimes you're too much.

© J. Patrick Sharpe
Lyrics and music by J. Patrick Sharpe

I stumbled into the kitchen and I wonder where the 'fridge is
I'm two-timing five women and burning all my bridges
They caught me now the jig is up I guess it's time I lay low
My cup it runneth over and I'm caught up in a screaming overflow

My Hawaiian shirt was crying 'cause I did not get the joke
I had about twenty beers when the barkeep finally spoke
He said, "Man, you can't lay on the bar like that it's time for you to go"
Your cup it runneth over and you're caught up in a drunken overflow

You can have too much crab dip, you can have too much salt
You can have too much gas and claim it's not your fault
If my words aren't making any sense to you you probably don't know
When your cup it runneth over can't get caught up in that nasty undertoe

I was down at Joe's restaurant and I got sick on some bad meat
The toilet wouldn't flush, you know it flushed out on my feet
So I went back into the kitchen and said, "You got a plunger or something, Joe?—I said, “Your cup it runneth over” and he said, “When you gotta go you gotta go." And I said, “Thanks Joe!”

Song Comments

Bent and Blue (and Sometimes Shattered)
Here is one more from me.

accoustic blues as it should be!

accoustic blues as it should be!

Voices -Outside the Box Two
Just good ol acoustic blues down and dirty

Off the main road
I love the blues

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