MarcomeDawn's Spirit
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Monday, January 15, 2007 8:58:00 PM
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Friday, October 26, 2012 4:28:01 AM
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Calling All Angels
No Music, No Life!
ambient top 25 -- 11/25/07
Station 5178
Marcome (Mar-ko-may) Radio
A Time Before Language
Chill out World - 4 quality musicians
Transforming Minds
Ambient Top 25
Slow Burn
the collective philosweet
World Music
Balkan Dreaming


Dawn’s breath kisses the dew, the first rays crack the sky,
Spirit awakens, the wild is calling, and our journey begins.

Vocals, programming and keyboards by Marcomé
Additional programming by Martin Lord Ferguson

Wordless language x
Song Comments

A Time Before Language
Marcome skilfully exploits the tonal centers of the resonant C# major key. She is in no way dependent on the modes. She weaves a gossamer thread of microtones and modulations outside of the realm of traditional vocal practice. Simply amazing. Check out her great radio station "Marcome (Mar-ko-may) Radio"

Marcome (Mar-ko-may) Radio
world, new age, airy, ambient, soothing

Chill out World - 4 quality musicians
Very angelical tones with a timeless touch. Fabinho Carioca highly recommends this artist.
Wake up to this in the morning and breathe

World Music
Je vous remercie pour vos cadeaux de belle chanson

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