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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Sometimes you happen upon a chord progression that feels right.

Written by: Todd Leiter-Weintraub
Vocals/guitar - Todd Leiter-Weintraub
Bass/vocals - Tim Ferguson
Keys/vocals - Matt Walters
Drums/Tambourine - David Kling

Stayin' up late.
Wife in bed.
I started playing and the song came pouring out of me.
My feelings grew and multiplied
But I'm not sure I'm justified
It's not as if I've really tried
To earn it
So now I shake and shudder
Maybe she will find another
Who will help her to discover
What she's needed

But then I come to my senses
And she helps me remember
Things have never been better
And to think...
That I thought I knew
All the things I could do
The things you could do with love

So now my heart is sinking
What if she has done some thinking
And her thoughts now find her linking
To another?
She's try another on for size
And leave me lying paralyzed
All alone and terrified
I need her


It all comes flooding back to me
A cursed flash of memory
And all my paranoia comes back in a rush
To put my troubled mind to rest
I just lean back and take deep breaths
I can't help but to make this junk up

And as I sit here pondering
She could be out there wandering
I know I might be squandering
My last chance
Could I give her what she's needing
Or now am I just a feeting game
Until she goes off speeding
To another?

(CHORUS x 2) x
Song Comments

The Good Stuff
This is the most pure-pop thing that my band recorded. And an arrangement that I am very proud of.

Sunshine Smile..
Wonderfully summery pop song with an innocent,charming vibe that puts me in mind of Jonathan Richman.I really wish there was more music around that had this kinda generous-spirited life-affirming vibe-All in 2.10 too!

Oxbow Free Radio
Cute, clever, catchy. I like the positive vibe in this one, Todd

The Lonely Song
Hop On Pop is a Chicago pop band with influences that span the entire gamut of what can be labeled "pop music": from Big Star to Hank Williams, from Guided By Voices to Super Furry Animals, from Kinks to Syd Barrett.

A perfect pop song... that is not popular. It's unfair!

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