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Friday, June 17, 2005 7:16:55 PM
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This song is on The Pozers' 2005 CD, "Embrace Your Addiction."

Written By Kenny Swann

This song is on The Pozers' 2005 CD, "Embrace Your Addiction." You can purchase this CD at The Pozers' official site:
Embrace Your Addiction
(By Kenny Swann)

You're leaving now. You want to let go. It's almost over.
Liquid eyes are calling you--taking you over.

The love you leave behind, seems to penetrate my mind.
It's better you don't speak; I'd rather remain blind.

Still holding on, drowning myself; I'm going under.
Reaching out, for well-washed hands: pulling me under.

The pain you leave behind, seems to strengthen what's inside.
Focusing darkness only concentrates the light.

Make up your mind
Or turn off your mind.
You're changing, arranging,
You're're no one.
Your friction, is fiction...
Embrace your addiction.

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