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Friday, June 17, 2005 5:23:33 AM
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Thursday, March 13, 2008 8:39:47 PM
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This song is on The Pozers' 2005 CD, "Embrace Your Addiction."

Written By Jeff Hamm

This song is on The Pozers' 2005 CD, "Embrace Your Addiction." You can purchase this CD at The Pozers' official site:

"Sunshine" relates the nonsensical, yet fantastic life of a quirky girl who means everything to the writer--even if they haven't met...yet.
"Sunshine (Smiling Face)"
(By Jeff Hamm)

She said she never smiles for photographs,
But they make her laugh.
She said she never waves to the parade,
What a big charade.

Sunshine’s smiling face is
Mysterious as outer space is wide:
Across the deep blue sea tonight.
Rocketships and phonographs
Could never bring her blue eyes back.
Sunshine will be stranger to you than me.

She said she likes to read the telephone book,
For that literary look
She says she never drinks in the afternoon,
In the month of June.

Sunshine’s smiling face is
Beautiful as all the places she has seen
In the road map of her mind.
Aeroplanes and sailing ships
Could never keep me from her lips.
Sunshine will see sunshine in you and me.

Everybody’s looking down.
They keep their face towards the ground;
Never bother watching what it is they’re looking for
Everybody’s in a haze;
She finds a way to send them rays
Of sunshine...sunshine.
Everybody goes around.
No peace they’ve ever found:
Sidewalk chalk drawings erased on rainy days.
She tries to live up to her name,
And take away all their pain
With sunshine...sunshine.

She said she only sings when she wants to see
If it’s out of key.
She said she only thinks when she gets bored
With being ignored.

Sunshine’s smiling face is
filled with thoughts and all the graces:
Angels keep in the heavens, sleep tonight.
For all of time, in all the world,
There’ll never be another girl.
Sunshine will be...sunshine will shine on me.

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In ThE heArt of ThE gArDeN of DeVi
"For all of time, in all the world"... Happy New Year from the Heart of the Garden of Devi

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