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Wednesday, October 25, 2006 5:33:04 PM
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Sunday, May 31, 2009 11:56:34 PM
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Off the main road
Living life LIVE


Johnny Cash meets Nick Cave?

Writen by: Todd Leiter-Weintraub

C'mon Angel

C'mon Angel, come on down
Although I know why you left town
I've come all this way to find you
Won't you please just come on down?

I've been thinking 'bout the monsters
I've been thinking 'bout the hounds
I've been thinking I can duck them
Won't you please just come on down?

Well it won't be like it has been
Though I can't tell you why
I can't promise I'll be perfect
But I can promise that I'll try
If you'll just come back home with me
We'll start up from the ground
And we can make it better
Won't you please just come on down?

C'mon Angel, come on please
At least come have a talk with me
I've got a lot I need to tell you
C'mon Angel, come on please
Now I'm climbing to your door
You know we've been through this before
And I know that you will let me in
So let's talk a little more

It'll be just like it has been
Because you know you love your man
And you know that I love you, girl
More than either of us can stand
Now I'm waiting for your answer
And to take you back hometown
I'm the only one who loves you
Won't you please just come on down?

Well now Angel you forced my hand
And I am a violent man
But I've never been mad like this before
You'd better run while you still can...

© 2005 Todd Leiter-Weintraub

Song Comments

Acoustic Meltdown
This is an acoustic gem among other gems on their artist page. Love the live stuff. Recommend you check them out!

Folk Miner .... the MotherLode
C'mon Angel, live raw ore from the depths of the Folk Mine....love it

Off the main road
Nicely done. Unfortunate topic and even more unfortunate is the loud mouthed woman right at the end.

Living life LIVE
This is life a couple of false starts but the end result is fantastic.

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