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Sunday, August 20, 2006 4:20:09 AM
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Wednesday, December 03, 2008 4:56:49 PM
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Lay it Down is about Duty, and not becoming a slave to it. We all carry burdens which began as duties we assigned ourselves. Sometimes we loose sight of larger needs and continue slavishly to push the boulder up the hill, not realizing there’s nothing we currently need or want at our goal. This tune suggests resting and re assessing those priorities.

Geraldo D'Arbilly from Rio Drums, J.C. Kercheval on bass guitar, Noel Burke on acoustic guitar,Eric Myers on folk guitar. Richard singing lead and harmony vocals, as well as playing harmonica and arranging strings.

Got the woes of world on your shoulders,
Got the care of the people in your heart
Before another day gets any older
Find yourself a brand new start

When your burden gets too heavy,
lay it down for a while
catch a breath and watch another sunrise.
Tell your folks that you'll be home for supper,
Lay it down you just might surprised.

Even though a new sunrise
is always round the corner,
night and sleep are never far behind.
lay it down beside me now my brother,
Lay it down beside me for a while.

Knowing where to start is never easy,
knowing where to pause is truly art,
Knowing me I Know you'll always struggle,
Laying down that burden on your heart.

When your body gets too weary,
Lay it down for a while.
Take a breath and watch another sunrise.
Lay it down beside me now my brother,
Lay it down, oh, lay it down. x
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