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Friday, August 04, 2006 12:30:51 AM
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Friday, October 19, 2007 2:45:47 AM
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Words and Music by David Hosking

I know that beauty can make you blind
But there's nothing but love in this heart of mine
I thought it right through my heart and my head
And I was very careful to not think in my bed

But you walk through the room and the air in my lungs
Is taken away like instantly hung
I never presumed that we might kiss
I'd fall through the floor if that was your wish

Fortified like I asked you to marry me
Fortified like I was some kind of worst enemy
But I'm not

If I could see you before I go
It's only in my head you'll never know
These are the words that go unsaid
Heard by strangers sung instead

You call me it's your turn now
I'll wait long and I don't know how
Nothing is an answer to
It's unpleasant being someone you once knew

Song Comments

Got Music?
You know, this song is refreshing to hear for any number of reasons. First, Hosking's vocal phrasing is excellent, a certain unpredictability keeps you listening. Second, the song is in a rushed cut time, another rarity in these more-bluesy days. Finally, he accomplishes the most difficult thing - writing a love song without filling the lyrics with cliches. (thh).

vos es in meus mens
David does it again. Another lyrically brilliant song, that is not to say that the music isn't equally good. David definately leads the way on my two radio stations mroe soongs added than any other. Come on everybody, keep up! p.Kicks (OMF)

Songs for the Mos Eisley Cantina
David Hosking was recommended to me and I immediately liked his songs - this one has that something extra however. I suggest if you haven't listened to him yet check out 'Her Hymn' as well.


Elder Statesmen of the Ruling 11
Lays it all out there without conceit or artifice.

serendipity redux
You think: okay, I can play guitar a bit, my songs aren't that bad... and then this beggar turns up. Where is he now, and why are James Blunt and David Gray making fortunes whilst this far superior talent seems to have gone off radar?

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