Danielle McKeeDidn't Want It This Way
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Thursday, July 27, 2006 1:59:26 AM
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Thursday, July 27, 2006 2:14:53 AM
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Heavy guitar riff song with a powerful vocal hook!

Written by Danielle McKee, Mike K.
vocals Danielle McKee

Didn’t Want It This Way

What it feels like / You don’t understand / Don’t want you to / You’re not there yet /There’s a vacancy / You’re leaving me / Give me space / Make it clear to me / I can’t keep track of you / Watch over you Take care of you now / I’ll let you go / Let you know / Leave you alone / Forever more //

Chorus: And it so good makes me believe that it’s so real and I want it so bad / I can’t go on like this before you break me / Stop this now before we fall / I didn’t want it that way / It’s over! //

It makes me clean / So serene / Purify / Let it lie / Far away / You need to be / From here to feel secure / It’s not a miracle that I am full I’m in control now / I am sure / I am pure / I wish you were / ‘Cause I need more

// Chorus //

Bridge: I’m stuck in the middle nothing seems to work out right / I’m falling tonight / Catch me

// Chorus

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