EagleheadHot Dog Homer
Alternative Retro and PsychedelicHyperLink


Kinda Country Swing

An Eaglehead/Max Read Joint
feat. Sarah Moloney & Rosie Swayne on vocals (www.invocal.co.uk)

Song Comments

Wonderful play on words here. This is really an enjoyable listen. The performance is tight and filled with an air of playfulness. -M-

Out To Lunch
you guys are full of surprises.

KWLF (Werewolve Radio)
you guys are full of surprises.

Alternative Country
you guys are full of surprises.

very funny song..................

Eaglehead cracks me up!! I once went on a blind date with a guy who just had his wife leave him for another woman...(He had too many issues as a result)Back to the song. A really fun tune with really funny lyrics!It had to be here :)

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At the Movies
Got to have a hotdog at the movies

Pass the Grey Poopon Please

Cookin Up Country
Cuttin' up again . . .

FUn Song. Deserves more play. :)

Birthday Party
I don't let the missus listen to this one any more - she quotes it too often...c'mon Ladies, show us yer buns, we're serving hot dogs at Hugo's this year...

Crooners (For Fiona)
Fiona might actually LIKE this!

Loonies (For Fiona)
Fiona might actually LIKE this!

26 Sept 2008: TRUTH STRANGER THAN FICTION: Three duct-taped hotdogs were left outside a ballpark after a commercial shoot of some sort in Philadelphia, PA, USA. They were feared to be bombs and were thus exploded by a bomb squad, with ACTUAL bombs...if left as they were they simply would have nourished some insects and maybe a pigeon or two...

Wieners and Boozers

On Account
Eaglehead hits a homerun with this! Great music, funny lyrics, cool 40's type Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy backups. Hot Doggies. I love this toe-tappin'-inspirin' tune.

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