PhilpotBitch be the World
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Sunday, July 09, 2006 7:43:46 PM
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Thursday, July 13, 2006 9:40:59 PM
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!!! Karnival OF Thrills !!!


Kentz Ward-singer/songwriter

I'm alone so alone
I'm an only one of a kind
wake up the kids
wake up the sun
wake up the worlds gonna know me this time
Telephone oh telephone
she never rings
just give me some truth
take back your guns
take back your lies
give back the lungs always helped me to fight
You ain't got a fight
you johnny come lately
Pick at your brain
pick at your shoes but they're after you
You aint out of sight
but you're all so
convincing me
You want a war You want a war You want a war war
I'm alone so alone
give me all that's left to be mine
not what you want
not what you need
a show of hands wanna crucify me
Envelope she never reads
I'd rather me a miserable lout
She talks to fast
she makes me laugh inside a dream my answering machine
(repeat chorus replace you want a war with Bitch the world)
Song Comments

!!! Karnival OF Thrills !!!
Gotta play a band with a Hammond politicians name and this one sounds like a Karnival Ride for the insane; Alice Cooper meets the Doors outside the bearded ladies tent.

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