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Friday, July 07, 2006 6:58:25 PM
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007 8:59:53 PM
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A topical song.

“I’ve Got Issues”
by Matt R. Connelly
© 2006

I call on you to stand up for what you believe in
Now don’t be shy you can criticize what’s wrong
If we all did our part and acted from our hearts and not from our pockets
Maybe the pulse of our great nation could grow more strong
The powers that be don’t speak for me ‘cause frankly I’ve got issues

And I don’t believe that there should be a drugstore on every corner
And I get ill watching all those ads for pills
The pharmaceutical CEO’s are smiling ear to ear right through their bonus
While Mr. and Mrs. America cuts those tabs in half
Like me their finding all that crap is so damned hard to swallow
I’ve got issues

Democracy’s a wonderful thing, but tell me, is it for everybody
Shouldn’t we be worrying a bit more about ourselves
Our brave young men and women sure do wear their honor proudly
I just wanna see them all again
The powers that be don’t speak for me ‘cause frankly I’ve got issues

You know all those bozo oil co’s are posting record numbers
And let me say we’ve only got ourselves to blame
As you drive those SUV’s round the corner, down to the market
Hey fill your tank again but don’t complain
Have we become the United States of Arrogance
‘Cause I’ve got issues
Yeah those powers that be don’t speak for me ‘cause frankly I’ve got issues

Song Comments

Musicians For Compassion 2
I like songs with issues :)

Keeping The Green Alive !!
Love this title and it fits so well here since the world has too many issues, this is great!

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