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Friday, June 30, 2006 12:51:46 AM
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007 12:13:35 PM
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Words and Music by David Hosking


I majored in failure
And that wears you down in time
But I was never beaten
Not at least in my own mind
Well I watched a thousand others
Fill ears with sand
But I'm not a burning star
I will not fall I will land

Well fire bothers some
But me it inspires
Not even the hottest sun
Weakens the world's worst best trier

I dabbled in evil
And I lost my child's heart
No cross-topped steeple
Could save me from those parts
Yes I sat in those long chairs
And I strained in those wrong keys
And I slept through salvation
It all went right over me

Well I finally surfaced
And the change was amazing
But I still couldn't see further
Than my mother's knees in spring
And I laid on the table
And they cut me from heaven
And I bled like a baby
Ready for anything
Song Comments

After hearing this this afternoon, I want to go and take over the world. It was a good day today already and this just made it better. Triumphant. Thanks David.

Musical Journeys
"Never, never, never give up" (Churchill) and soo much more... Listen for the imagery in the stanzas and the energy in David's voice. Amazing. Lovely choice of music and subtle toches of harmony.

the acoustic splendor station
hydra is the largest constellation on the sky but is strung out from libra to canis minor along the southern horizon over about 90 degrees.

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