Mia SableMy Mistake
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Thursday, June 22, 2006 11:00:17 PM
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Thursday, April 12, 2007 5:14:36 PM
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Adult Alternative Asylum
That's the way I like it uh huh


Truth be told...I should've known

Words & Music: Mia Sable
Produced by Jim Wirt
Co-produced by Mia Sable

verse 1:
I knew a man, said he wouldn’t make any promises he couldn’t keep
At the time it sounded good to me
I understood him wrong
And that is why I stayed
Guess how many promises he made?

Truth be told it didn’t surprise me when all was said and done
Truth be told I always misinterpret everyone
The cruel cruel world is always waiting there when I wake
Coolly pardoning me, my mistake

verse 2:
I had a friend said she only thought the best of me
I fell for that easily
Thoughts couldn’t compensate for the way she spoke
My blind believing was the joke

I could’ve known
Should’ve had my head out of the clouds
Even so, the faith I had in you left little room for doubt
And I alone built you up and I will take the falling out
I alone built you up and I will take the falling out
Song Comments

Adult Alternative Asylum
Beatlesqe with a McCartney Inspired Bass Line..Mia. good luck to you, you have a very professional sound. Love this Track! You, your producer, fellow musicians, and engineer are very talented.

That's the way I like it uh huh
Excellent artist, production values up there, backwards guitar...I like!

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