Psyche's Muse"Hide"ing In The Dark
Acoustic Ambient Experimental HyperLink
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Thursday, June 22, 2006 3:01:06 PM
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Wednesday, February 27, 2019 10:30:47 AM
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I Like Strange. ~M~


...and aren't we all in some way, shape or fashion? In-Deed!!! By, With, and Through Our "Deeds"... "Deals" Made(with The "Devil"?) Maybe in them("their") "D" Tales you heard someone say,"YOU Dirty Rat!" or, "Better KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, bitch! Ya Hear!" Then in that instance ask yourself, "What Would Jesus Do". Well, "What Happened Unto Jesus" is now MUCH more important unto "YOU" ain't it! So, you had better SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET OUTTA HERE! HEAR?! NOW! GO! Git! -M-

=X= ...guitar... vocals.
=M= ...bass... lyricist.

Unadulturated Improvisation: Bass, Guitar, and Voice.

Hiding in the dark; cursing the smallest spark...

We close our eyes and bow our head
to let another live instead.

We are trapped "willingly"!!!
We are lost "joyfully"!!!

We CHOOSE "to make no choices";
the "Other speaks" with all our voices!!!

=M= x
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