The Rolling River BandBlue Skies - Red Wine
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An emotional, intense song about lost love.

Written by Steven Perrott
Arranged & Performed by The Rolling River Band

Song Comments

Rolling River Radio
Chosen for compilation cd to be sent to soldiers angels for troops fighting overseas. Reached no.9 in American Idol Underground folk charts.

the acoustic splendor station
jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and by far the largest. it is more than twice as massive as all the other planets combined.

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Alternative Country
Great stuff here.

Great stuff here.

The Talent Searcher
The Rolling River Band feel what they sing and , what other great complimment can you give ? Very musical, great feeling and pure sound.

Musical Journeys
'Feels like heaven.'

Introspective Expressionism
Beautiful. ---J

vos es in meus mens

The Stars Are Never Really Distant
Lovely mellow'n'sincere Acoustic folk ballad with a slightly celtic influence..Sweet heartwarming chorus..

an absolute beautiful blend of vocals and ribbons of sound throughout

to open a song with a Beatle album title, whoa you must have talent AND YOU HAVE a very worthy EARFOOD award oldtoad

they say all things must pass-

Bob Dylan Tribute
they say all things must pass-Don't pass this-Like a rolling stone!

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