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Words and Music by David Hosking


All you men of this world
Don't you know where you are?
Haven't you been thinking clearly?
Now the ground you stand on's nearly

All you woman of this world
Don't you know your man?
Haven't you been hearing clearly
Now the one you love so dearly
He said "Can I live it any other way?"

All you children of this world
You don't know where you are
Haven't you been seeing clearly?
Now I'm told you're never really
And you said
Well I see we've come a long way

All the people of this world
We don't know where we are
Haven't we been thinking clearly
To the point of never really

Song Comments

Musical Journeys
All you listeners of this world...this is one not to be missed.

Simply Beautiful!

Huminuh's Best Finds
Great tune here!! His others are equally awesome. Stop off at David's page and pick one up for your station too!


Spin Doctor Radio
Interesting tune from David down under. Nice vocal quality and a minimal arrangement that really works on this tune.

Beautiful melodic song with great vocals

zing! flip! squash!--WATERPLANET radio
Engaging, sweet vocals. Brings to mind Billy Bragg.

The End of the World Social Club
'I can't tap me foot to that one, tha keeps going wrong! Tha should have used Eric, our resident drummer - he can't play sixteens mind, but he gets in as many as he can...'

Musicians For Compassion 2

quirky pop 801
Eco terrorism! Or something... Save the whales! Phil Collins after inhaling helium. Sweet sentiments...

Crispy Monkeys latest mistake
David Hosking is my all-time favourite Australian songwriter. The songs that he creates inspire me to write and write and write in the hope that one day I will pen something as profound and simple as what David seems to do so effortlessly! I chose this song because it's not on either of the albums that I own - yep, I'm a selfish bastard.

A great voice and point of view for living on this dear earth.

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