melodygardotcry wolf


Vocal harmonies to fill your ears to the brimming point. A girl and a guitar, with dense vocal layers. off the some lessons bedroom sessions album.

Song and Lyrics Written/Arranged/Performed/Produced by Melody Gardot
(c) 2005 Some Lessons The Bedroom Sessions EP

Cry wolf says it all. This song is about the essence of lies and reoccurring deceit.
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Come to Grandma's house Melody

Ted's Total Tunage Radio
Now this track shows great creativity and talent IMHO. The acoustic guitar as the sole backing instrument plays flawlessly, while dense layers of of beautiful vocals run like rain down a sad river of hurt that we can all realate to. This song really creates a mood and it works for me on many levels. What do you think?

Voices of Angels
Somebody please wake up and sign this woman.......WHAT are you waiting for?

you can fool most of the people,for a while

Says Who!!!!
Sweet sexy, expressive vocalist with great enunciation, each word is crystal clear & heartfelt.

sweet guitar, cool vibe lovely vocals, groove time its FLOW

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