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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 6:51:20 PM
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 7:08:42 PM
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why didn't you just say so?
music for wintertime
What's in a Name...
The Gatekeeper


This song won a spot on the Spirit of the North Vol. 6 CD. It features Les on all guitars, Mark Bradford of 'punch me hard' on bass, kelly ( and leanne auger on backing vocals, and ian auger on drums.

Song Comments

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere's twin and a fine tribute to Neil Young, capturing his eclectic/electric snapping guitar attacks and inner moodiness and urgency and social metaphors that only, until now, Neil was able to attain: Fine Job.

fun raunchy song. . . les, ian and i did the main guitar/bass/drums sometime around 5am after a very very long night, and it was the perfect way to get that crunchy laziness necessary for the song. . then the angels came in and made it wonderful!

The Gatekeeper
takes awhile to get into this one does, but worth the wait, some hip happening guitar, and the guy known as survivor man les stroud gives some fine work on guitar and great vocals. check it out, you should love this one, its a kick back and relax groove

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