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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 9:29:42 AM
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Friday, June 23, 2006 11:37:23 AM
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The Shaman's prayer...This is my song.

(c) Written by Sean McCready Produced by Matt Weston Acoustic/Vocals-Sean McCready Drums, Bass, Percussion, Guitars, Programming-Matt Weston

The Shaman’s Prayer

I have flown over the mountain,
Swam the seven seas.
I have been here many times before,
It’s nothing new to me.

It’s nothing new to me.

The Shaman’s Prayer,
This is my song,
My song.

I am here to help you,
Heal your soul.
I need some help too,
It’s not just you.
It’s not just you

Chant through whole progression of song.

© Written by Sean McCready 2004
Song Comments

The little station that could.
This one was conjured up when this Theokigion teacher (I did not know this before he told me) came up to me and said, "you're like a Shaman the way you sing your songs." I guess that means I heal through my music. I like to think it's that way.

The Rock
Hopeful and healing prayer, about finding your spirit.

The Rock
This is like a punk version of the strokes. I like the urgency heard in this song. The band has a lot to say in their instrumnetation. It's intelligent punk. Kind of like Lou himself.

Apocalypse Radio
Welcome to the Apocalypse! -M-

the indie rock station
there has always been something magical about canadian music and to date, nobody has ever proved me wrong (so what if i'm canadian?) sean mccready offers a very unique lead vocal that demands attention. sean's partner in crime, matt weston, proves to be a brilliant musical multi-tasker too.

Huminuh's Best Finds
I had to come back for another of Sean's tunes. If you like this one, I bet you will like his others. Drop by and pay him a visit when you can :)

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