GeetanLove Goes Marching On ( MLK )
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Friday, March 31, 2006 3:13:47 AM
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Friday, March 31, 2006 3:22:26 AM
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A slow meditation on the spirit of Martin Luther King and the belief that their is conflict between Light and darkness, and though we may lose people like Dr King, the struggle continues; Love goes marching on.

all music and vocals by Geetan

Love Goes Marching On
Copyright control July 2005 Paul Donaldson/Geetan

Martin Luther King was a man
Who died for freedom, for the Promised Land
He had a dream, the dream goes on
Although the dreamer, the dreamer is gone
Love Goes Marching On…

Although the road, it seems so long
And you feel like, you can’t go on
Just remember humanity’s sons
Sons and daughters
Who built the road
Love Goes Marching On…

King had a dream
The dream goes on
Though the dreamer
The dreamer is gone
But Love will seek us

Armies are gathering
Throughout the night
I hear the voices of Evil
I hear the voices of Light
By their fruits shall you know them
They shall know you
Their armies are gathering
Which one is coming for you?

Love Goes Marching On… x
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Moving homage to a spiritual presence, dream, and mission that cannot be dismissed or forgotten. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani

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