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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 8:22:30 PM
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Sunday, September 20, 2015 3:03:12 AM
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reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

written by Patrick Wescott

You dropped it off
Straight off the tower
And then you turned and walked away in the 11th hour

We had it all
Momentum going
A guess a job is worth less than the speed of going

Did you start your car and let it warm up?
Did you leave the grain at the bottom of the cup?
Did you think what you did would save the day?
Or did you simply want it all to wash away?

Mr. Fister
He had his own plan
Made sure to pick his laundry up every day at 10

You thought he cared
and you poked fun
You didn't know that he was looking out for Number One


At one time the world was yours, the leader of the band
But the cracks began to form, you didn't understand
You walled yourself into the corner of the room
You didn't know that you had made your own tomb

And the accountant
He was your man
You got in good with him and thought you were part of the plan

But things fell through
And you weren't included
The drink you had with him was watered down and diluted

Song Comments

This is a cool track..Art rock that does a great mid 70s dumb cock-rock groove before slipping into the neato stop/start Police and XTC thing in the middle..Its rock that wears glasses,but they're cool designer ones-even tho they've got a little sellotape round the sides..The sweat is real tho-and even the most expensive anti-perspirant can't disguise it..

The Laughing Man
Park Police hahahahaha what a name hahahahahaha thet sing about grain the cup and accountants hahahahahahahahaha I like the song hahahahahahaha but I can´t stop laughing hahahahahaha

Kayak Number One Songs!
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