Damond MoodieMisery (Nothin's Changed)
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Monday, March 06, 2006 10:15:43 PM
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Monday, March 06, 2006 10:47:44 PM
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Powerfully emotive acoustic pop song!

Music & lyrics by Damond Moodie
String arrangement: Kent Blodgett

Performed by:
Damond Moodie - lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Angela Hsu - violins
Theresa Wong - cello
Kent Blodgett - piano, keys, ride cymbal

So you like the big toys, they fill some of the void
Scattered love along the shore, and now you’re painted bored
Misery is tangible, and buzzing around your neck
You sit behind the wheel, pursue your own wreck

And my heart goes out to your situation
Believe me when I say I hope you
Find what you’re looking for

Nothin’s Changed, Nothin’s Changed
Misery is you style
Nothin’s Changed, Nothin’s Changed
Nothin’s Changed, Nothin’s Changed
Sadness is your smile
Nothin’s Changed, Nothin’s Changed

Hide behind your anger, in perverted ways
Blow a kiss to danger, there are no lines, it’s all OK
Guess you were mistreated, so the gloom just follows you
You feel the need to be needed, but you suck the joy from the room

And my heart goes out to your limitations
Believe me when I ask God to bless the child who’s full of scorn


I want to help, but this bridge is burning
Please get some help, cause my back is turning
And my heart goes out to you
Believe me when I say I wish there was more that I could do

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