Susie BoehmElemental
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quirky pop 801
A very fine Appelachian yodeller here! yodelay-hee ho! Then she rocks us out with a fat fat fat voice! Liposuction that tone baby. Quirk. erk.

This one reminds me of Alanis Morrisette in a way... she had a deep voice, which is a nice change. Go ahead, bop around!

Greatest Clicks
Elementary my dear Watson...

FemmePlay already shining star knocks at my newbies' door...

Denise's One Note
Listen to this and you'll play it again and again and .....

We want Hen Fap!!
Like, totally Hen Fap! fer sure!

The Talent Searcher
The energy comes from artistic truth. I mean there´s no division between waht you want to say the way you say it. That´s the case with Susie Boehm , no simulation or double intention. She goes straight to the point , Bravo! By the way, enormous talent.No matter what she says, this is not elemental at all.

INDIEcent Exposure
Another beauty. I love Susie. She always delivers. This one is a very addictive tune. It has a bit of an edge, and lets you know without a doubt she is a true talent. LOVE this one.

Kid Ric's Picks.
What a strong dynamic voice. Powerful song. Excellent tune.

I'm sitting on the lawn of the reflecting pool in D.C., the place where history changes.

The Laughing Man
Oh Susie hahahahaha I love Susie´s music hahahahaha these days is all in the mind hahahaha it´s elemental hahahaha less is more hahahahaha except if it´s money hahahaha if you want to make ends meet hahahahaha elemental is superb song hahahahahahaha do it if you´re willing hhahahahahaha

Got Music?
Ms. Boehm's songwriting and, in this case, recording and production techniques are on display here in this radio-ready song. The depth of her catalog has me wondering why this stuff got made before she was signed. Without a doubt, from top to bottom she's as good as IAC has (thh). It takes several listens to catch most of the parts that make up this song. It's time well spent because they all sound great. (awr)

The SLiCe
This song has balls baby! Clean and delicious


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