The Murder BalladGodsend Military Man
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Friday, March 03, 2006 9:23:10 PM
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Friday, March 03, 2006 9:26:33 PM
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Out Tha Box Sound System
Finnegans Wake


A fusion between Hardcore and Jazz love it.

David, Andrew, Nathan, Lucas, Barry

I would sell my soul to see your face once again the memories bring back the tears. Dear father why have you forsaken me? Am I your child? The time seems to slip away to oblivion. My blood and sweat has stained my face and I look up. You look down on me. Your hopes and your dreams has become me. Why did you have to go away? I miss you my loved one. I beleive that your looking down on me today, with your other half. I gave my heart to you and my love will go on forever. x
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Out Tha Box Sound System
I LOVE THIS SONG! Real hardcore. Guys, please put more on IAC!

Finnegans Wake
Somewhere, parently, in the ginnandgo gap between antedilu- vious and annadominant the copyist must have fled with his scroll. The billy flood rose or an elk charged him or the sultrup worldwright from the excelsissimost empyrean (bolt, in sum) earthspake or the Dannamen gallous banged pan the bliddy du- ran. A scribicide then and there is led off under old's code with some fine covered by six marks or ninepins in metalmen for the sake of his labour's dross while it will be only now and again in our rear of o'er era, as an upshoot of military and civil engage- ments, that a gynecure was let on to the scuffold for taking that same fine sum covertly by meddlement with the drawers of his neighbour's safe.

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