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Sunday, February 05, 2006 7:03:59 PM
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Friday, October 19, 2007 4:20:27 PM
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Chill Zone Jazz
TWM Chillout Radio
Sevs Chill Out Room
moodycow no. 1
Sober Loaded
Wickman Mood Station
Ocean of Sound and Waves
Doobs Tubes
Ray J
Atmo Electro
Myspace Player


Destinated to our 3rd album (the double album "Time Traveller", the song will appear in the second CD, "Future"), this is a chillout track with smooth jazz elements, somehow typical of our music.

Music by Augusto Chiarle - ©2006 The Wimshurst's Machine

Song Comments

TWM Chillout Radio
Ideally flying light as a feather, this track is chillout jazz. From the 3rd (and double) album of The Wimshurst's Machine, this track is a chillout tune destinated to be one of the many "hit singles" of the album.

Sevs Chill Out Room
Fab production and playing

Doobs Tubes
oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah baby. From the sax drop all the way through, totally Doob. TWM you groove.

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