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Monday, January 30, 2006 4:42:45 PM
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Monday, January 30, 2006 5:03:32 PM
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IAIA 2007 Golden Kayak Nominees
Ascendant Conciousness


From Scott Hill & Mzungi's "PANGAEA" LP, the "ALCHEMIST" will transport you to an arcane mystical laboratory of Jazz World Fusion: Buy the album or get downloads on:

Alex Catillo - Guitars, Klaus Bergmeister - Bass, Scott Hill - Keyboards, Dave Heath - Flute, Flavio Vettese - Sax, Mzungi L'Enchanteur - Drums & Percussion
Produced by Scott Hill @ ASTRANOVA, London, England

Reviews: Hauntingly beautiful
The first impression that comes to mind is that of a forest, with the woodwinds simulating a waking up of the animal kingdom. Vocals add a deeply exotic, but tender note, creating a dreamy, almost hypnotic mood. This piece has more than the average share of musical ideas and seems well on its way to finding a unique voice. Seductively charming and tantalizing. Beautifully produced.
Reviewed by: DeadKings from Ny, New York

Thinking with the Heart
Intriguing intro with the vocal sample. Hmm - wow that adds something special to this piece. And thank you for the flute. Hey, what a match between the two! Mondo original mood. Oh, creepy stops. You cats are intelligent, creative, risk taking composers and performers and whatever the commercially minded nutbags up here might say about your stuff keep it up. Nice sax. Wow, it grooves for awhile, gets weird, grooves, gets dramatic. Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.
Reviewed by: eztigger from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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TWM Chillout Radio
Scott is a friend and a talented artist! :-)

the "ALCHEMIST" will transport you to an arcane mystical laboratory of Jazz World Fusion.

IAIA 2007 Golden Kayak Nominees

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