The Blue MethodDon't They
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Sunday, January 29, 2006 7:50:48 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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I heard they don't appreciate the time that you put in.
I know they do not pay ya what your weight would be worth in tin.
I heard they know that you've got plans.
But they don't care, cause you're just another woman another man.

They say that so and so lost his mind.
They say that he was knee-deep in crime.
They say he wanted so bad to be the head mothersucker in charge.
They saw him laid out...on his person...twenty large.

They sure got a lot goin' on.
They sure say alot
They sure seen alot.
They got their favorite stories and their favorite songs
Don't they? Don' they?


Verse II
Now you don't never see them makin' no moves.
They claim they're gonna hit the top all or nothing without payin' dues.
They say they see a little openin' where they can slip right in.
They think it's cool but I can guarantee that they'll begin again.

They got a strangle hold on all of our youth.
They hide a lie behind a little bit'a humor and they call it truth.
These industries are so insidious, they got us actin' crazily.
And got us spendin' all our money cause we're questioning the way we should be.


Verse III - A melodic vocal harmony section a lot goin' on...Don't They.
Never gonna go where they go, say what they say. Say what they say.

BRIDGE (bari-sax & organ have a conversation)
Song Comments

A Station For Fans of Everything
This is an absolutely terriffic song. The vibe is absolutely impeccable. Everyone should listen this song before they die. The singer kicks my ass.

Frogbox Radio
this jam is sockin' it to it!

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