DreamhengeFar and Away
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Sunday, December 18, 2005 1:09:39 PM
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Monday, August 24, 2009 1:38:01 AM
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Bokum Twilight
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The yearning deep within for change and newness pits us against ourselves, our commitments and our own passions. "Far and Away" explores this territory in a very familiar and engaging way!

Richard Montefiore, Lyrics, Vocals, Production; Noel Burke- Guitars, Bass
Geraldo D'Arbilly Drums, Percussion.

In my heart, there lies a longing
even as a new day's calling
to be up and away
far and away.

Havn't told another soul this
wonder why I can't control this:
dream of being somehow far and away,
far and away.

Lately i've discovered mine
is growing stronger
and i don't know why
if i could only get my feet to fly,
and carry me away
I'd be gone before the break of day
before my memory tells me why I stay
I'll be off, off and away
far and away!

With my tomorrow's just a little brighter
could i sing our harmony a little tighter?
There's no telling what
the future holds for me.

Just help me hold on
while we talk this through
try to build and grow this love of ours
within me, not without you now
I have the wherewithal to fly us both away!

Still I won't deny this longing
wake up to the new day dawning
Lets be off, off and away
far and away.
Song Comments

Bokum Twilight
Another very pretty tune from Dreamhenge. You know, I can almost hear Poco singing this one. Richie Furay, Jim Messina, Tim Schmidt on those great punctuated vox, with Rusty Young's pedal steel twisting through the openings. Nice job.

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