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Friday, December 16, 2005 1:56:27 AM
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 1:56:34 PM
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Forever Mine- "Remember a warm slow summer morning when you woke up together with your lover?" These words of de_ion by Lars Fosdal inspired the lyrics. Lars composed the music in 2002, using then new synthesizer "Svetlana Kurzwiel" noting the tune has no actual bass guitar line. It was a real pleasure working on this track with Lars who is a noted software and systems designer in Europe.

2002, Richard Montefiore, Lars Fosdal

Sun streams through the windows lighting up my soul
You briefly stir beside my head, your breath a touch of gold.
I never could imagine this moment would arrive
Your body warms the stillness The silence deep inside.

Your essence fills my being And then you roll away
I never dreamed this day would come
there's so much more to say
Your fingers brush across my lips, your hand runs through my hair
My thoughts are scattered on the wind Flying everywhere.

Suspended in this moment my fears go down the drain
I let the silence take control abandoning tomorrow’s pain

And you say "Listen"

Tomorrow I must leave your arms- As other needs press through
So breathe in deep the mystery That’s grown in me and you!
A Blossom in my memory One second trapped in time
This moment of eternity will stay forever mine.

And you say, Listen.
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