Monday MichiruTouch the Sky
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Thursday, December 15, 2005 6:13:29 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Out Tha Box Sound System
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A tribal and ethereal groove with a touch of Latin

Composed, produced, arranged, programmed and sang by Monday Michiru
Midi recording by Monday Michiru
Vocal recording and mix by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit, NYC
Mastered by Mark Wilder at Sony Studios, NYC


I can't help but to be a loner
Abandoned as a child it's how I learned to survive
What doesn't kill you will make you stronger
You've got to fight to stay alive

I look up to the sky for inspiration
The ceiling made of glass still lets me see to the light
My spirit will rise, there's no limitation
As long as hope still stays alive

Don't let go of the light
Save me from the night
Don't let go of your light
Keep your spirit alive

I've moved coast to coast, been around the world
Seen fakers, losers, goners all reach for their next high
We all strive through the jive in this life we've borrowed
Secretly hoping to touch the sky


I've been asked to compromise yet quantify
always they want more and more always
Stretched beyond the limit, never satisfied
always I give more and more always

I've grieved for those I've loved and some I never knew
Always we live then die always
Addicted to life but then fight a war we brewed
Always we love and hate always

Miracles born every day get thrown away
Always my heart bleed tears always
I've nurtured my own young yet hear the things I say
Always we hurt the ones we love always

Deep in my own heart the truth I know that lies
always it's found then lost always
But I know that when I look in my son's eyes
always my hope will never die always

You can touch the sky
It's there day and night
As the darkness sights
it releases light

Through your inner sight
There's a hand that guides
We all need some help at times
When you lose hope in your life
Song Comments

Out Tha Box Sound System
I'm going to have to rename my radio station to Monday Michiru's radio station soon...She's a natural Queen of Song.

A soothing and subdued piece of music in the trademark East meets West style of CogDis. The melody invokes an ethereal voyage through the internal cosmos punctuated by the haunting sounds of the shakuhachi.Welcome

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