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Thursday, December 15, 2005 4:53:38 PM
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Thursday, December 15, 2005 7:15:49 PM
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A funky hip-hop beat with sassy feminist vocals, this song can make the head bop from the groove and lyrics

Composed, produced, arranged, programmed and sang by Monday Michiru
Guitars: Adam Rogers
Keyboard: Henry Hey
Midi recording by Monday Michiru
Live recording and mix by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit, NYC
Mastered by Mark Wilder at Sony Studios, NYC


Another day gone by, another dollar
And oh! My aching bones make me want to holler
With every day so mundane, it's always the same
I need to throw society's suit away

The grind of the day
takes so much away
The pain is not worth the gain

Life's stuck on replay
Became a cliche
I wanna just break the chain

I try to find clues
in learning the rules
but life is an ever-changing game

The circle of doubt
(is what) numbs me out
I even forgot my name

Give me two sticks of love to rekindle fire
And I know that passion's gates would burn to inspire
I'm taking back the freedom that I sold to you
and remember what I'm born in this life to do

I'm done with the games
I wanna reclaim
and put a stake on my aim

Let go of the shame
and rediscover the flame
from where it was that I came

The power to grow
is in what you know
to open the possibilities

So be who you are
from the Northern Star
and live out your destiny

Step up and be
who you're meant to be
Crank out the heat
a hundred degrees

I can't guarantee
you'll like what you see
I'm not here to please
Just finding my peace

I live for my dreams
and my family
And what's true to me
is L.O.V.E.

People's debris
I cannot agree
But hang onto me
I'll show you the key! x
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Out Tha Box Sound System
This Lady is REAL! She's who she is....Great!

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Peaked #1

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