negative tendenciesWild Tomorrow
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Sunday, February 21, 2021 2:21:10 PM
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Sunday, February 21, 2021 2:22:13 PM
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Lost in this unearthly moment there's a wild tomorrow
waiting for your head to hammer out a passkey to the sky
Such outlandish vision will explode on your red letter day
and quench your hunger for the dream that will not pass you by
I was there with headphones on the night the lightning struck
Meant for your ears only his guitar had run amuck

Free from all the tension that you knew would last forever
Smack your lips and witness all the open spaces if you try
and suddenly it seems some gypsy left a maybe on your doorstep
Now you got a second wind to blow into your eye
Carving out the answer to a question from above
Savage colors flying thru the halls of untamed love

Sonic souls are shattered as the picturesque pretender
puts your eyes and ears together as he speaks without a word
Before you touch the second hand one tenant of your atmosphere
will break the bitter silence with the sweetest sound you've heard
Feel his frantic fingers getting closer to your spot
Soon you will be riding his electric chariot x
Song Comments

Wild Tomorrow knocks you on your ass with NEGTEN a nukebomb of a killer power driving vibe. A consuming and fiery release that will have rock aficionados worshiping and welcoming a new rock steady and solid song. Worthy of hordes of new fans streaming and screaming for more. Wild Tomorrow shows there is still hope for rock music in America and the World.

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