Pocke OhrstromAegean Elation
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, September 13, 2021 7:26:35 AM
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Drawn into an elusive horizon

Aegean Elation
To Melinda

Melinda gave me smiling faces
Always there to catch my fall
Saw my reflection in her eyes and
Relived feelings from before

Looking for a higher viewpoint
I’m walking with the mountains behind
My mind in sun
Walking on sun
Now we feel this way for each other

Drawn in to an elusive horizon
All the irony blown away in the wind
Wake the day
Every day
And we feel stronger for each other

Take me down to the gentle waves…

Melinda gave me sunny kisses
While carefree strolling along the shore
Heard my voice with a different timbre
But that was me and even more

Looking for a higher viewpoint
She’s dancing with the mountains behind
And if she’ll fall
I’ll gladly fall
Always there for each other

Dark nights of promising diamonds
And we could handle happiness at last
We’re in this dream
In the same dream
Even closer to each other

These were the words she had to say to me
And I began to understand
Fate was wiser than us

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a pleasing upbeat song, stellar vocal stylings remind me of bowie a bit mayhaps here and there, , and the storytellin' mysterioso and elusive, neat strings interplay with the guitar and pumpin' bass delights, kudos...

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