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Friday, March 20, 2020 12:01:23 AM
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Sunday, September 13, 2020 7:34:56 AM
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Indie sound of America and beyond
Desperado Private Stash Vol. 2
Desperado 2020 GK Contenders - 1st Wave


God's contemplative reasonings for/about creating this place(us/you/me/we). =M=

William(Xanthan Gum) improvised guitar, voice, music.
Ronnie(MortAmor) improvised lyrics, bass, music.

William just pulled another one of my writing tablets out while we were "piddlin' about" musically and out this came!
Slowed Down…
I Wanna Be "Free"!
I Wanna "Go"!
I Wanna "Get Out"!
I Wanna "Grow"…
Even If “It" Kills Me…
Even If "It" Kills The Others…
Then To “Our Death" I Will Go!
I’m Trapped Within My "Place”…
My "Place” Is Paper Thin…
I’ve Gotta/Gonna "Leave"!
Gonna Commit Myself To “Sin”!
So, I Am Insane!
I Done "Split"! "Personally"! (ONE per SON)
But, I Can’t Stay “Gone” Too Long.
And When I "Die" I’m “Here”...
When I Look "At Me"...
In The Face And Get Scared...
At "What" I See…
And I Try To "Get Away”!
But There’s No "Place’…
But “You"...
And "Me”! x
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Indie sound of America and beyond

Desperado 2020 GK Contenders - 1st Wave
Contender for 2020 GK nomination - Christian Spiritual

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